Costardi Brothers, Coffee and Clouds

We were delighted to work with the Great Italian Chefs, a branch of the Great British Chefs to welcome the Costardi Brothers to our London cookery school. Christian and Manuel, travelled in from their Michelin starred restaurant in Piedmont, to demonstrate two of their signature dishes celebrating the flavours of Lavazza Kafa. Here they are with Emily, and their very own branded risotto.

Swamped in clouds of liquid nitrogen gas, it was a theatrical affair. Specially invited journalists and food bloggers watched the exciting cookery demonstrations with awe before cooking alongside the chefs learning the tips to their culinary success.

They made both a risotto in their trade mark Costardi's condensed can.

Here's the recipe to make the coffee and parmesan risotto.

And their spectacular "Meringue 2.0" - here's the recipe link for the dessert.

The event was full of some great shared tips including courtesy of Jennifer Earle's (from Chocolate Ecstasy Tours) tweets:

Heat the pan & add just rice. Cook then salt & pepper. Only time to work on the rice. Then the risotto. Add veg (celery,carrot,onion) stock.

Risotto stock is only boiled carrots, celery and a halved & caramelised onion. Flavour & seasoning comes later.

 "Risotto is life" "like a love story each time" "must always pay attention - like a girl"  

There were other fitting tweets from the night including TV presenter, Penny Smith, writing 

"And for pudding ... Ice cream with lemon meringue, chocolate and espresso sauce and a sprinkle of salt. All hail the elastic waistband."

 Who can forget the amazing tattoos they sported - including their brightly coloured can - living the brand!

We'll always remember them, particularly as we now have one of their iconic cans in our office to constantly remind us of delicious Italian flavour combinations!