Italian Pasta Making Masterclass Launches!

Pasta making classes at Food at 52

Italian cookery classes are one of our best sellers. Often we get requests for pasta specific ones and so we’ve created a class just for you pasta lovers (with a sweet treat at the end).

An Italian part two if you like to complement our other popular Classic Italian cookery class. 

Come along to knead and shape an array of colourful, flavoursome and deceptively simple pastas to make at home to impress friends and family. Finally put that pasta machine you got as a gift years ago into good use!

Here are some photos of our first class and a couple of reviews of the students’ experience:

Learning to make ravioli at Food at 52Italian pasta-making class - magnifico!

I went to the new pasta making class at Food@52 and absolutely loved it!
Having made pasta only a few times before, it was great to learn from Stefano all the tips and tricks to ensure your pasta is like (or close enough) to Nonna's. I feel like I now have the skills now to make both traditional pasta types to more interesting styles (e.g. we added spinach into our pasta to make the ravioli). 
Stefano's love of Italian food shines through and he was great at passing on his years of experience through individual guidance. 
The class was held within a fun, relaxing environment and most importantly all the food at the end was delicious! Highly recommend for a fun night with friends or for the next work event.

Emily, granddaughter to an Authentic Italian Nonna

Handmade tagliatelle at Food at 52

 Best cookery class in London I've experienced

When I stepped into Food at 52 I was immediately welcomed and made to feel at home. The space itself has been beautifully put together with a mix of eclectic furniture and mementos from Emily and John's travelling. The important bit though was the great cookery class. 

I did the Italian cookery class which was brilliant! I'd always been afraid of things like making my own pasta before but the team were full of energy and enthusiasm to draw me into it and explained things clearly so that it seemed pretty easy by the end! The team were very happy to help show us any bits we were unsure about, answer any of our questions if we got stuck and really made the whole experience. 

And finally, the food. Wow! Best Italian food I've had in quite a while and I still can't quite believe I managed to cook it.

Julian, Food at 52 and pasta making newbieLearning to make gnocci at Food at 52

Want to find out more? Check out our Italian page with sample menus and dates available.