Back on track with Meat Free Monday

Are your January resolutions waning? Not been able to resist the office biscuit plate? Entered the gym yet? Joined any clubs or classes?

Don't worry we haven't either! At Food at 52, we're all about being relaxed, true to yourselves and enjoying the important things in life: family, friends and food!

That doesn't mean we don't recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The difference is that instead of beating ourselves up about it, we embrace the beauty of some of the flavoursome healthier dishes out there.

Taking a simple step of focusing on the array of delicious vegetable and fruit based dishes out there just once a week is a great way to become healthier. We've joined the Meat Free Monday campaign with our own Meat Free Monday class.

Can't imagine a main without meat? Let us show you how.

We were delighted when Lauren wrote this lovely review about our first class this year, what a way to start the year!

"5/5 I couldn't recommend Meat Free Monday highly enough, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike! We were shown incredibly handy tips to use in the kitchen and the food was diverse, fresh and completely delicious. Thank you Food at 52 for the warmest welcome and a wonderfully relaxed and friendly evening of cooking."