Wine-d down Wednesday: food pairing

As we are fully submersed in Christmas party season, our free flowing wine is in peak demand, along with our fun wine tasting game we have with large corporate and private parties. What better time to start sharing more of our wine insights?

We caught up with Rachel (one of our wine experts, see her previous post here) in between two Southern Indian corporate cookery classes to ask her some of our most frequently asked questions. Here's the first one:

What are your top tips on food and wine matching?

"Common sense rules apply: light wines with light foods; heavier wines with heartier foods ...and avoid red wine with oily fish! A lesser known rule, but useful to know as a chemical reaction creates a metallic taste. Having said that, don't be afraid to try light reds with other kinds of fish."

Useful tip to remember when you're cooking up our mackerel recheado after a Fish & Seafood class!