Mary McCartney shows us the veggie way

Having a pescatarian in our midst (Emily) and being in the process of creating a Meat Free Monday vegetarian class, we couldn’t have timed it better to have the marvellous Mary McCartney choose us as the venue for her second vegetarian cook book launch!

The kitchen was a hive of activity to prepare for the evening guests as Rachel, John and Natasha (pictured below with Mary) created a feast of celebratory meat free dishes taken from Mary’s latest book, “At My Table.” In this beautifully presented book, Mary takes inspiration from her childhood and family life to show how you can still celebrate with friends and family and not feel like you’re missing out without meat. Something dear to Food at 52's heart with our love of celebrating through our cooking whatever your food preferences.


Ten dishes were created in total, our favourites were the black bean burgers complete with make your own burger bar.


A nice tip is that simply by using the same stack ring as you used to mould your burger, you can transform buns of any size into a perfect match for your patties. The moreish Florentines went down a treat: small, elegant and ever so easy to make.

Here’s the recipe for the black bean burgers:


If you’re interested in our Meat Free Monday’s class, please get in touch and help us shape it with what you would like to see.