Hari Ghotra cooks Southern Indian with us

Who better than Hari Ghotra of Great British Chefs and creator of the Hari Ghotra spice kits to join our Southern Indian class to see what spices and flavour combinations are created in the South compared with the North?

Hari (above, photo from her site) created a really original vlog on youtube - a great way to share the sights and sounds of curry cooking. Not yet the scents and flavours - for that you'll need to pop along yourself!

After the class she emailed us to say

"I had a fabulous time on Friday night. Such a lovely atmosphere and the school is amazing. Rachel was great too and really insightful about the dishes. Really wonderful experience and I could see how much the other guys were enjoying it too. I like the format of the session grouping people together seemed to really work."

She was also kind enough to share her opinion on our TripAdvisor page:

"I had the pleasure of spending an evening at Food at 52 for a South Indian Cookery class last Friday and I have to say I had a ball. The cookery school itself is like a home from home and the decor is just fantastic. It's like an eclectic mix of trinkets someone who has travelled the world has picked up and brought back with them and found the perfect spot to display them. From the jucier loo-flush to the chapatti presses to the utensils used in the cooking - it was a feast for the eyes. 

The session was super relaxed, we worked in groups so we all just got on with it. The wine was flowing and the teacher was great - she explained just as much as was needed and then we got to sit and eat together which was truly wonderful. The food was fantastic and I will be cooking the dishes again.

If you like cooking or want to do something a bit different on a Friday night with your friends, or as a couple or even on your own like I did, then I would highly recommend it. Fun, food, wine - all the makings of a great night!"

Such lovely words. If you want to check out her work, she has a wealth of information on Indian cuisine through her website Harighotra.co.uk.