Interview: Four Season Family

When we first created Mid Week Seasonal Suppers we loved the idea of having guests coming back each season to complete a new set of dishes and exciting recipes to make their mid-week meals more inspirational.

We are delighted to announce our first "Four Seasons Finishers": Sam and Caitlin.

Having joined us - and introduced their friends and family members - we loved getting to know them better each time, catching up and following their exciting year which included them getting married! They kindly agreed to share their photos and tell us more.

As we approach our final Winter class for 2016 this Sunday, and enter Spring with Mother’s Day the week after, we caught up with Sam and Caitlin to reflect on their four seasons with Food at 52.

“It's become a real family affair now”

What first attracted you to Mid Week Seasonal Suppers?

We wanted to shake up our usual dinner repertoire, get better in the kitchen and explore cooking different cuisines that we weren't confident in. 

What led to you attending all four seasons of Mid Week Seasonal Suppers?

We did all the Seasonal Suppers because they were so much fun, we cooked meals from each of the courses afterwards and then we wanted to keep the momentum going... Keep moving with the seasons.

Which one was your favourite and why?

Too tough to choose a favourite - seriously, none disappointed and we cooked meals again from all of them.

Have you recreated any dishes since?

A lot of them: Tuscan Bean Soup, Squash Risotto, Roasted Cauliflower Salad, Smoked Salmon + Spinach + Lemon tarts, Spanikopeda (Spinach pie), Baked Cod with Chorizo, Thai Laksa Soup... and we tried one of the Indian curries at home (but that went down less well when my dad nearly choked on a chilli!)

What special events happened during the four seasons of 2015?

We got married - whoooop whooop! 

Have you been on any other Food at 52 classes, and how did they compare?

Mid Week Seasonal Suppers was the first - of many - of our experiences at Food at 52... Sam has also done the Kitchen Confidence class series, we did the Veggie Suppers together... and then we did all the Mid Week Seasonal Suppers together in 2015!

Mid Week Seasonal Suppers was my favourite because it's the most practical for everyday cooking and busy lifestyles. It's quite rare that we cook a three course meal - though good to know how to put a handful of those together!

Which other family members and friends have attended?

We've brought along with us: Sam's colleague and his mother on a couple of occasions. We recently recommended the course to Caitlin's sister and her partner, and they recently went to Winter suppers. 

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Looking forward in 2016 to using our Food at 52 recipes throughout the seasons and continuing to expand our culinary repertoire! 

What Food at 52 class do you have your eye on next? 


If you are interested in joining, we still have places, just book through the website - we would love to add to the Four Seasons graduates!

Here are a couple of photos Caitlin and Sam shared with us.