Food at 52 Christmas wishes & tips

We’ve been asking some of the Food at 52 team their Christmas kitchen wishes and top tips for you on achieving a perfect stress free Christmas feast.


Top Kitchen Wishes:

  • John: My own microbrewery, a partridge and a pear tree!
  • Emily: A molecular cocktail kit to practise my spherical mojitos!
  • Natasha: A large Magimix - makes things so much simpler!
  • Rachel: a dedicated wine fridge! (No surprise as the wine expert!)
  • Val: a top notch De'Longhi coffee machine (dangerous for my caffeine addiction but would be nice)! Failing that, a copper sauce pan.
  • Maggie: the pasta attachment for my kitchen aid.
  • Rhonelle: A really good mandolin!
  • Roxy: More bones!!

Top tips for a successful Christmas:

  • John: Boil your potatoes for 5 minutes and sprinkle polenta on your roast potatoes for the perfect crunch.
  • Emily: Sharp knives are essential - learn how to sharpen them properly.
  • Natasha: Remember it's mainly about spending time with friends and family, not slaving in the kitchen, try to enjoy yourself :)
  • Rachel: Plenty of bubbles!
  • Val: It's obvious but plan and prep ahead.
  • Maggie: Add 1-2cm water to the bottom of your turkey roasting tin before you cover it with foil to roast. It keeps moisture in, stops juices burning to the bottom of the tin and better for gravy! 
  • Rhonelle: Ditch the tomato juice and replace with clamato juice in a delicious Christmas Caesar (a version of Bloody Mary)! Also prep, prep, prep!
  • Roxy: Perseverance gets you the leftovers :D

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, that you get what you wish for, that your meal is memorable for all the right reasons, and a Happy New Year for 2016!

Food at 52 family x