Kitchen Basics & Confidence offer for 2016

Do you or someone you know want to tackle the main with ease and master a soufflé in style?

We'll be bringing our fourth in the series of Kitchen Basics and Kitchen Confidence back to the table. Join others in the New Year for a set of 3 or 6 classes for a massive 25% discount.

Simply enter Foodat52santa at the checkout (discount box) to enjoy

25% off a 3 part or 6 part Kitchen Basics and Confidence courses.

Valid for classes starting in January/February 2016 only. Offer ends Tuesday 22nd December 2015.

Want to learn more about what you cook? Read Kim's blogs on Kitchen Basics here and Kitchen Confidence here.

Below is Jake's short summary of his six weeks with us (sourced here).

#WeRecommend Personal Development

"After passing my probation with Brand Brewery we were rewarded with not only a full time job but a personal development fund. Deciding how you want to further yourself in some way is always difficult especially when you want to make every penny count! 

After a few months of deciding what to do, it made sense that learning a life skill would be invaluable for me. And that's why I chose a cooking course at The Kitchen Basics and Kitchen Confidence course with Food at 52. Who doesn't want to be able to cook and eat good food? 

A short walk to Clerkenwell from Cannon Street was a perfect way to enjoy my Wednesday evenings after work over the next six weeks. 

These six weeks flew by! We learnt everything from basic knife skills to making the most out of your kitchen cupboard, all the way through to mastering a soufflé (it's easier thank you think) with inspiration from different regions across the world. The hospitality from John and Rachel was lovely, with plenty of delicious courses to be eaten, complimented by an abundance on wine, you really were spoiled inside their rustic and warm retreat. 

I have truly learnt some amazing recipes that i can use for years to come but don't worry they send you the recipes in case you forget the measurements to make your own home made pesto sauce! 

I have met some great, friendly people at the course who were all as eager to learn as me. So I would like to say thank you to the guests I shared the past six weeks with, John and Rachel from Food at 52 and of course Brand Brewery for the opportunity to develop myself. I will bring in food for you guys soon, I promise! 

In short, this week #WeRecommend Food at 52, Clerkenwell as the place to be to learn amazing recipes that you can bring to the table for the perfect dinner party.

Thanks for reading! Jake"

Hope to see you next!