Travel Taster: Oh honey, honey!

Food at 52 was created out of a love for food and travel by Emily, John and their family. Everyone in the Food at 52 team has a similar ethos. Therefore along with giving you a glimpse into life at Food at 52, our classes, celebrity press events and home life with the family, in this blog we will be giving you snapshots of the team's food adventures in the UK and abroad. Here's the first taster from the family's trip to Sicily.

What could be better? Well, how about wine and honey? Take a small detour off the main highway in Eastern Siciliy and you find yourself in Zaffarenea, at the foot of Mount Etna (live volcano imposing on the skyline) where 35% of Italy’s honey originates.

In the visitors centre, with its mix of kitsch and industrial decor, you can sample over 50 varieties of honey such as pistachio cream or a medicinal yarrow. By seeing first hand the honey production from the hive to the jar it gives you appreciation for the artistry (and risk of getting stung!) involved!

You can also try their wines, liquors and olive oils - a needed break from all that sugar!

John, Emily and the family x