Whitstable Wonders

Impulse and fine dining aren’t a great combination, I’ve found. You know the scene; Saturday morning you’re propped up in bed, mug of tea in hand, trying to focus on the weather forecast and lo and behold we’re being sold a scene of sunshine and abnormally warm temperatures!

The impulse to jump in the car and flee the City is overwhelming. A great restaurant near the coast will do nicely. So you call The Sportsman as a reckless salute to Spring, only to be offered a four o’clock spot three weeks from Thursday!

Well don’t despair, get in your car and cruise past The Sportsman with just a brief moment of longing and before you know it you’ll be in Whitstable – home of great seafood! It may not be Michelin starred territory, but you’ll soon get over that with the savings.

We love:

  1. Wheelers for the tatty parlour look with very serious food and a BYO policy.
  2. The Lobster Shack in the industrialised harbour area for very affordable family fare and great ales.
  3. Samphire for a classy atmosphere and solid kitchen.
  4. The Whitstable Bay Oyster Company for a varied menu as well as, well yes, oysters!
  5. The doughnut hut on the beach, freshly cooked doughnuts and lobsters – what else could you want?!
  6. The Old Neptune for a ‘Sundowner’ before you head home.

John, Emily and Family x

Here are some photos to show you why you need to make Whitstable your next seaside break (with or without dog)!