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Kitchen Confidence Cookery Courses

Whether you've recently  completed our Kitchen Basics series or just want to jump right in at a higher level, this advanced cooking course steps things up a gear on the cooking front.

Designed to give our students confidence in the kitchen, this course has taught aspiring cooks of all ages, from teens and university students to pensioners who finally have time to dedicate to mastering more advanced cookery skills.

It may be that you can recreate a recipe and put on a dinner party, but you long to tackle expert techniques and build on your existing knowledge. You’ll cover indulgent desserts and bold side dishes that will compliment impressive mains and make for epic menus.

Learn pasta making, knife skills, seafood preparation, how to make soufflés and conquer different pastry forms. You’ll know what expert cuisine looks and tastes like and walk away with the confidence to tackle any dish, big or small.

Part 1

Typical skills you may cover in this advanced cooking class include: matching flavours with fish, braising larger pieces of meat and taking presentation up a level.

Example menu:

  • Cod with fennel puree
  • Braised shoulder of lamb with mint pistou and potato dauphinoise
  • Tarte tatin

Part 2

Typical skills you may cover in this class include: mastering pasta making, balancing delicate flavours, learning the secrets behind a world class Wellington and raising your game significantly with your own technical challenge of a Normandy pear tart.

Example menu::

  • Butternut squash and biscotti ravioli with a lemon and sage dressing
  • Pork Wellington with vegetables
  • Normandy pear tart

Part 3

In the final class you’ll raise the bar to produce some dishes that will further your kitchen techniques: from preparing squid to baking your own soufflés and profiteroles, to leave any lucky dinner guests in awe!

Example menu:

  • Twice baked thyme and goat's cheese soufflés with apple and walnut salad
  • Risotto negra with squid
  • Profiteroles with orange and cardamom cream filling

Like all our London hands-on cookery classes, our advanced cooking courses include all food, equipment, and unlimited specially selected red and white wine and soft drinks. You will cook around our oak banquet table and enjoy eating all your dishes together in the most sociable way in London. Check out our TripAdvisor page for reviews.

If you fancy going on more classes then try our 'Kitchen Confidence' three part or 'Kitchen Basics and Kitchen Confidence' six part package. Our next series will be in early 2018, you can buy the three parts for then if you would like to.

Please note if you buy a package, your dates are not confirmed until you have received an email from us with those exact dates.