Kitchen Basics Cookery Class and Course

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Kitchen Basics Cooking Classes

We’ve come up with a course designed to nurture even the most novice of cooks through the basics of preparing simple but impressive dishes. Over this three week beginner cooking course, build your recipe repertoire with dishes that are suitable for  entry level but far more inspired than those offered on similar beginners cookery courses. Work with us and watch your skills develop and by the end you’ll be ready to move on to our Kitchen Confidence course in seamless transition. Each week will be peppered with tips and techniques to improve your everyday cooking at home.

Part 1

Typical skills you may cover in this class include: making easy stocks for soups, taking the stress out of pan frying fish fillets, cooking the perfect custard from scratch, knife skills with vegetables.

Example menu:

  • Minestrone soup with pesto verde
  • Pan fried sea bass with provencal lentils
  • Seasonal crumble and custard

Part 2

Typical skills you may cover in this class include: making a basic roux, working with pastry, braising meat and working with delicate egg whites.

Example menu:

  • Fish pie, green beans and vichy carrots
  • Coq au vin
  • Lemon, lime and ginger mousse

Part 3

Typical skills you may cover in this class include: taking the flavours further afield and cooking duck just right, removing the guesswork from cooking rice, making pastry, and working with chocolate to make the seemingly tricky melting middle chocolate fondant.

Example menu:

  • Seared five spice duck with Chinese broccoli and egg fried rice
  • Pancetta and leek tart with paprika and parmesan pastry
  • Molten chocolate fondants

Like all our London hands-on cookery classes, our beginner cooking courses include all food, equipment, and unlimited specially selected red and white wine and soft drinks. You will cook around our oak banquet table and enjoy eating all your dishes together in the most sociable way in London. Check out our TripAdvisor page for reviews.

If you fancy going on more classes then try our 'Kitchen Basics' three part or 'Kitchen Basics and Kitchen Confidence' six part package. Our next series will be in early 2018, you can buy the three parts for then if you would like to.

Please note if you buy a package, your dates are not confirmed until you have received an email from us with those exact dates.