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Not Your Average Beginner Cooking Classes

We’ve come up with a cooking course designed to nurture even the most novice of cooks through the basic cooking skills required to prepare simple but impressive dishes.

Whilst you’ll certainly be learning the basics of cooking, we can assure that the menus on our Kitchen Basics course are anything but basic!

Over this three week beginner cooking course you will build your recipe repertoire with dishes that are suitable for entry level cooks but far more inspired than those offered on similar beginners cookery courses.

The perfect cooking class
I have been looking to do a cookery course for years and I finally found the perfect one. My friends bought me vouchers for Food at 52 for my birthday and due to my non-existent cooking skills I chose to do the basics course. There were 7 of us on the course at a venue that felt like a lovely country house kitchen. As I normally burn most things I was slightly worried that I would be shamed in front of the group, but I needn’t have worried as everyone was lovely and supportive and we all worked together. Between us we cooked egg fried rice with duck, pancetta and leek tart with smoked paprika pastry and a chocolate molten fondant. All of them were absolutely delicious. We drank really great wine throughout and I took home many more tips than just those 3 recipes. I was shocked at how easy our chef Ryan made it look and I actually feel like I could cook these on my own. I expected to learn how to cook a bit, which I did, but I didn’t expect that I would have a brilliant evening aswell. I would definitely book again.
SarahS791, TripAdvisor

Choose The Cooking Course That Suits You

We have designed all 3 beginner cooking classes in our Kitchen Basics course to help you develop a different aspect of your cooking skills.

Each week will be peppered with tips and techniques to improve your everyday cooking at home.

You can choose to go on all 3 classes as a full beginner cooking course or just pick up one or two parts. See the description of the sample menus for different course parts below to help you decide. We can occasionally tweak these so if you’re heart is set on one get in touch to let us know.

Learn to cook whilst having a great night out

Like all our London hands-on cookery classes, you will cook around our oak banquet table and enjoy eating all your dishes together in the most sociable way in London.

Our beginner cooking courses include all food, equipment, and unlimited specially selected red and white wine and soft drinks. Check out our TripAdvisor page for reviews.

Cosy venue with expert, spirited tuition. A great way to spend an evening with work colleagues or friends. A superb alternative to a very ordinary "dinner out at a restaurant". This is the second time I've been and I intend to go back again!
Ed Williams, Google Review

Sample Menus

We love to mix things up from time to time but the menus below will give you a good idea of the format and contents of our classes.

Kitchen Basics Part 1

Typical skills you may cover in this class include:
  • making easy stocks for soups
  • taking the stress out of pan frying fish fillets
  • baking the perfect crumble
  • knife skills with vegetables

Example menu:

  • Minestrone soup with pesto verde
  • Pan fried sea bass with provencal lentils
  • Seasonal crumble and Crème Chantilly

Kitchen Basics Part 2

Typical skills you may cover in this class include:

  • making a basic roux
  • working with pastry
  • braising meat
  • working with delicate egg whites

Example menu:

  • Fish pie, green beans and vichy carrots
  • Coq au vin
  • Lemon, lime and ginger mousse

Kitchen Basics Part 3

Typical skills you may cover in this class include:

  • taking the flavours further afield and cooking duck just right
  • removing the guesswork from cooking rice
  • making pastry
  • learn the secret to the perfect melting middle of a chocolate fondant every time

Example menu:

  • Seared five spice duck with Chinese broccoli and egg fried rice
  • Pancetta and leek tart with paprika and parmesan pastry with apple and walnut salad
  • Molten chocolate fondants

Like all our London hands-on cookery classes, our Kitchen Basics cooking courses include all food, equipment, and unlimited specially selected red and white wine and soft drinks. You will cook around our oak banquet table and enjoy eating all your dishes together in the most sociable way in London. Check out our TripAdvisor page for reviews.

Please note these classes are not suitable for adapting to different dietary requirements such as gluten free, dairy free, pesctarians, vegetarians and vegans. Please email or call before booking if you have dietary requirements or allergies to check it is suitable.

To check whether this class is suitable for you, please see our Dietary Preferences and Allergens page - even if we stay it can be made suitable, please do always still let us know your dietary requirements or allergies when booking.

I did the Kitchen Basics course (1, 2 and 3) and had a fantastic time. I’m a complete novice when it comes to cooking (I didn’t even know how to boil an egg!) but, thanks to John and Ryan who were amazing presenters, not only did I learn new and practical skills for cooking that I could take away, I also developed a real appreciation for the art of cooking. Along the way I made some great new friendships – definitely helped along by the free-flowing wine all night which inevitably makes the night bubbly with lots of laughs! The best part is of course being able to eat everything that you’ve made at the end – which was always delicious (it’s hard to pick a favourite but up there would be the chocolate fondant, the five spiced duck, the minestrone…) and leaving the evening feeling excited about being able to make and present dishes you could impress your friends with but which were not difficult to make. I would proudly send my family and friends photos of what I made every class, and impressed as they were by the photos they were more impressed that I was able to make such a dish – which is a true testament to the powers of this course! If you’re looking for a fun evening where you meet new people, laugh a lot, eat delicious food, drink good wine, and learn something in the process – then this is for you!
Elizabeth James, Google Review

Our next series will begin in early 2020, you can buy one, two, or all three parts for then if you would like to.


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